Guiro with Shaker
2 musical instruments in 1!!  Both a Guiro and a  Shaker, and also comes with scraper.&..
Half-Moon Tambourine
Half-Moon Tambourine Eight pairs of double nickel silver jingles. Padded handles. 9.5 (24cm) x 8"..
Hand-Carved Djembe out of a single piece of Red Mahogony
Hand-Carved Djembe from a single piece of Red Mahogony Each piece is unique, beautifully c..
Individual Coloured Chimes - Octave
8 notes, diatonic chime bars, brightly coloured. 8 notes, diatonic , key of C, 8 individual wood..
Kalimba African  Finger  - Piano 8 notes metal, diatonic, wooden body, 5&rdquo..
Leather Maracas - Large
Sold in matched pairs and have natural rawhide shells and wood handle. ..
Meinl Ibo or Udu Drum
These Meinl Ibo Drums ("Ibo" is the authentic Nigerian name for "pottery") perfectly combine inno..
Metal Guiro with shaker and scraper
Steel guiro, shaker with scraper - A dual-purpose instrument that features a textured, stainless-..
Metal Shaker
8"(20cm) long chrome shaker. ..
Mexican Maracas
Professional quality. Tri-coloured. Made from selected hardwoods. 10" or 25 cm ..
Mexican wood guiro with scraper
Guiro with Scraper - 13.5 34 cm fish shape.  Makes interesting percussion sounds. ..
Pearl Maracas
These maracas are recommended for Music Therapists and our clients due to the large grip handles, wh..
Pulse Professional Tambourine
Pulse Pro-Tambourine Great deal on a great-sounding tambourine! Has inset handle for easi..
Remo Circle Sound Shapes - 5 Pack
Remo Sound Shapes are high-quality, affordable percussion instruments that are perfect for the class..
Remo Doodle Drum
Doodle Drum by Remo - The Doodle drum is a great way to introduce children to music and rhythm. U..
Sabian Bar Chimes on a stand.
Sabian Bar Chimes - Beautiful Sabian bar chimes on wooden stand.  These again would be great..
Sabian Gong
Sabian gong with stand - Speaks with attractively rich tones reminiscent of the great oriental dy..
Sabian triangle on a stand
Sabian Triangle - The bright attention-getting sounds of this hand hammered bronze triangle are m..
Sand Blocks
Pair of blocks to rub together for rhythmic sounds. Wood, pair 5" 13 cm Come in either natura..
Seed pod Shaker
Seed pod shaker made from hollowed out seeds attached to a wooden handle.  Has a sharp, cris..
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