Egg Shaker Maracas
Chicken Shake Maracas.  Each color has a different sound, the darker the color the lower the pi..
Leather Maracas - Large
Sold in matched pairs and have natural rawhide shells and wood handle. ..
Mexican Maracas
Professional quality. Tri-coloured. Made from selected hardwoods. 10" or 25 cm ..
Small red wooden Maracas
Maraca's - red, wooden, small great for children.  Have a nice tone to them, not sharp s..
Maracas - Emus, vinyl
EMUS vinyl maracas - 25 cm long Lightweight but durable, solid construction bright, lively s..
Mini Shekere
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 6" long, As this is a natural product sizes ..
Rattan Maraca
12" long softball size rattan shaker. Sturdy, nice sound, good for schools, drum circles and..
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