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This amazing device invented by Gary Gray, enables you to play the guitar the very first day you try---using only one finger! No expensive lessons required! Patented E-Z CHORD device attaches to almost any right-hand strung guitar in just a few minutes & gives you INSTANT SUCCESS. E-Z Chord replaces difficult finger moves with just four numbered buttons allowing you to make four chords which are D, E, A, and G. All you have to do to change chords is push buttons at the right time. In the past, many people gave up trying to learn the guitar because it often took months, several expensive lessons, repetitive practice & sore fingers, with little to show for their efforts. Now anybody, even young children, regardless of age, time, talent or temperament (YES, EVEN YOU!), can play their favorite songs immediately. You receive the E-Z Chord device & all the support you need. The 24-page songbook teaches you all your old favorites. The CD has additional instructions & features all the songs in the songbook with instructions telling you when to push the buttons. Fulfill your dream to play the guitar like an expert---order E-Z Chord today!

It is a wonderful adaptive tool for therapists and their clients.  Highly recommended!

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