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Studio 49 Glockenspiel Alto Diatonic, 1600 Series GAD
The glockenspiel has a high quality resonator box with well tuned bars including two F# and one Bb b..
Wrist Bells - 4 bells with velcro
Another Great tool for Music Therapists as we can attach them to the wrist or other body part with t..
Emus set of 48 scarves
Brightly coloured 16"(41cm) square nylon scarves, unhemmed for maximum drape and float. A fun teachi..
Rain Stick - Large - PVC - 100cm (39-40") long
PVC Rain Stick -100cm (39-40") long -Built from highly durable PVC plastics -Beautiful s..
Remo 14" Hand drum
Remo's Kid's hand drum - 14"  include a soft rubber mallet  for school and group music pro..
Remo Lynn Kleiner 40" Gathering Drum
The Remo Lynn Kleiner 40 Inch Gathering Drum is ideal for encouraging the creativity and self-exp..
TreeWorks™ Compact Cluster Chime - TRE-418
Compact Single Row Chime. - Polished & T-6 Tempered bars for brilliant tone - 2 cm thick solid A..
Triangle Musical - 4"
Made from the finest steel, nice tone, 4" in size.  Same as picture except white in color. ..
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