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Claves - pair - dark wood
Beautiful hard wood claves with a nice, sharp sound.  Sold in pairs. ..
Suzuki Hand Chimes
Suzuki Hand Chimes - 25 note chromatic - Range G4 to G6. Adjustable clapper mechanism for variabl..
Wrist Bells - 4 bells with velcro
Another Great tool for Music Therapists as we can attach them to the wrist or other body part with t..
CD- move by Margaret La Bella
Action songs about simple concepts and following directions by Margaret La Bella ..
CD- Sing by Margaret La Bella
CD by Margaret La Bella, Music Therapist and special educator.  Action songs with sounds, words..
Claves - small, natural wood
Good quality hardwood claves.  Small size, great for small hands, ,made of natural wood. 4..
EMUS Orff instruments are superbly crafted with precise tuning. The boxes are constructed of wood. T..
Emus set of 48 scarves
Brightly coloured 16"(41cm) square nylon scarves, unhemmed for maximum drape and float. A fun teachi..
Fender pick earrings
Beautiful hand-made pick earrings in a variety of colors and styles. ..
Fish Shaker
The Fish Shaker is bead-filled and makes a wonderful swishy sound when shaken. Sold individually ..
Frog Guiro - Large size - colored or plain wood with scraper
-Finely crafted wooden frog guiro -6" long, small size -Protective presentable brightly paint..
I love Rock & Roll Snoopy rubber stamp - large size by stampabilities
I love Rock & Roll rubber stamp - large size (3"x 4.5") by Stampabilities.  Great for sc..
Joyful Christmas Notes rubber stamp by Stampabilities
Joyful Christmas Notes rubber stamp by Stampabilities.  Medium size - 3" x 3".  Great f..
Lady bug shaker
The Lady Bug Shaker is a bright and jingly ladybug. Sold individually in a clear vinyl carrying c..
Let it Snow - peanuts, large deluxe rubber stamp by Stampabilities
Let it Snow, peanuts character, large deluxe rubber stamp by stampabilities.  Great for scra..
Mini Shekere
Traditional gourd cabasa with beads on netting. Approx. 6" long, As this is a natural product sizes ..
Ocean Drum - professional - Large
16" (41cm) Ocean drum. Unique two-headed drums with steel shot inside produces varied "ocean surf" s..
Ocean Drum - professional - medium
14" (36cm) Ocean drum. Unique two-headed drums with steel shot inside produces varied "ocean surf" s..
Rain Stick - Bamboo - Large size - 39 "
Traditional style rainstick made from bamboo with etched design. Most measure 39" long, howe..
Rain Stick - Large
50 cm long. A simple turn of the Rain maker creates a combination of sound and colour that will capt..
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