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BOOMWHACKERS - C Major Diatonic set
BOOMWHACKERS - C Major Diatonic set C1 to C2. This scale allows more songs to be played than wit..
Egg Shaker Maracas
Chicken Shake Maracas.  Each color has a different sound, the darker the color the lower the pi..
Pulse Professional Tambourine
Pulse Pro-Tambourine Great deal on a great-sounding tambourine! Has inset handle for easi..
"Ape" drum or "Monkey" drum
Ape drum or monkey drum, is played by gently rolling the handle back and forth to set the beaters in..
EMUS 20 cm tambourine, 8 pr. jingles
Emus 20 cm tambourine,  8 pr. jingles, Good quality, plastic rim, thumb hole, nickel ..
Hohner MP-371 Train Whistle
The multicolored Hohner train whistle offers a safe plastic version of the traditional woode..
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