Sparrow Hawk Native flute in “A” - walnut with turquoise
These beautiful 6-hole flutes have a leather tie over the third hole from the top so you can use ..
SUZUKI 12-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set
This second ToneChimes add-on set further extends the range of the full hand chime set and the other..
SUZUKI 7-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set
Range C3 to F#3/Gb3. To extend the bottom range of the full tone chime sets as well as the other ..
Suzuki tone chimes 12 note chromatic add on
This first add-on ToneChimes set provides upper and lower notes to complement the full tone chime..
Thunder tube - large- spring drum
Large Spring drum, also called thunder drum. Shake the drum and it sounds like thunder. Excellent fo..
Tune In by Jennifer Buchanan, Music Therapist
  TUNE IN helps you FIND YOUR MUSIC and Intentionally Curb Stress, Boost Morale and Rest..
Window Rock Concert Flute by Odell Borg - key of G-, Bb+, Walnut
The Window Rock design is a representation of the numerous sculptured "Rock Windows" which the el..
Words of Comfort blankets
Words of Comfort Blankets Joy Kindness Music Blessings Peace (You may use this "..
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