Product Code: Window Rock Concert Flute by Odell Borg - key of G-, Bb+, Walnut
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The Window Rock design is a representation of the numerous sculptured "Rock Windows" which the elements of Nature have carved in the buttes, cliffs and rocks throughout the Southwest.

Odell Borg has been creating flutes since 1990 and continually striving to craft the best instruments possible. For the past several years he has focused on designing a flute that would have the clearest tone quality, be very responsive and minimize air turbulence.

In the process of making flutes for the past 18 years he has found that the real challenge is to understand the minute details of what makes a great sounding instrument. Only then can the process be repeated precisely to create a quality flute.

This Signature Series is the result of much testing and experimenting with the subtleties of creating the flute voice.

These flutes take very little breath to play and the fingering response is quick and positive, allowing one to focus on creating sweet notes that resonate with clarity and sustain the emotion intended to communicate.

Odell Borg's Signature Series Flutes have been limited to one hundred of each key "A", "G", "F#" and "High D" and "High E". The bore and interior chamber are polished and moisture-proofed. We apply multiple coats of tung oil and hand buff them to a satin luster. These steps not only create a beautiful instrument, but also enhance the resonance and sound quality of the flute.

The designs are inspired by the many magical phenomena in Nature as well as the inspiration of individual recording artists.

Authentic High Spirits Flutes by Odell Borg, crafted in the style of Native American Flutes.

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