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Whale Octave Glockenspiel
Cute Whale Glockenspiel, full octave, key of C, diatonic.  Comes with a plastic mallet. ..
Wooden Glockenspiel with handle
Wooden Octave Glockenspiel with easy to hold handle  - 8 notes, key of C, diatonic, wood 10 ..
Wooden Xylophone
3 note wooden Xylophone - 3 note wooden xylophone with harmonic tuning, comes with mallet. ..
Wrist Bells - 4 bells with velcro
Another Great tool for Music Therapists as we can attach them to the wrist or other body part with t..
"Ape" drum or "Monkey" drum
Ape drum or monkey drum, is played by gently rolling the handle back and forth to set the beaters in..
10" Brazilian Flag Pandeiro
10" Yellow Composite Shell, Synthetic Brazilian Flag Head, 6 Tuners. A pandiero is..
Angel food for thought by Meryn Cadell
Angel food for thought, by Meryn Cadell - CD Genres: Alternative, Music, Spoken Word, Roc..
Blue Emus Ukelele
Blue soprano ukulele. Emus Bright sound Solid construction Superior quality m..
CD- move by Margaret La Bella
Action songs about simple concepts and following directions by Margaret La Bella ..
CD- Sing by Margaret La Bella
CD by Margaret La Bella, Music Therapist and special educator.  Action songs with sounds, words..
CHALLENGER chrome finger cymbals - 2 pairs
Set of four 2" chrome cymbals with elastic finger straps. ..
Clackers made by Creatology
These bright wooden clackers will make music fun for your child. They are about 6" long. ..
Claves - small, natural wood
Good quality hardwood claves.  Small size, great for small hands, ,made of natural wood. 4..
Condor Bass “E” Native flute, cedar
Condor Bass “E” The Condor Bass has a deep and resonant full voice, larger holes and a lar..
Condor Bass “E”, Native Flute, cedar with Turquoise
Condor Bass “E” The Condor Bass has a deep and resonant full voice, larger holes and a larger f..
Drum sticks - professional
High quality hardwood drum sticks for snare drums, latin timbales, etc. ..
Egg Shakers - Brightly colored by Creatology
Brightly colored percussive egg shakers.  Great for childen! ..
EMUS 13-note bell set with push buttons
unior handbells with an added feature. Can be placed on a flat surface and the bells can be played b..
EMUS 20 cm tambourine, 8 pr. jingles
Emus 20 cm tambourine,  8 pr. jingles, Good quality, plastic rim, thumb hole, nickel ..
EMUS 20-note junior handbells with knobs
Chromatic Junior handbells with an added feature. Can be played two ways. Place on a flat surface..
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