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Individual Coloured Chimes - Octave
8 notes, diatonic chime bars, brightly coloured. 8 notes, diatonic , key of C, 8 individual wood..
Suzuki Hand Chimes
Suzuki Hand Chimes - 25 note chromatic - Range G4 to G6. Adjustable clapper mechanism for variabl..
Triple Chime
Triple Chime - wooden frame, mallet, and 3 metal solid chimes.  Nice bright sound. 15 x 9 cm ..
EMUS 8-Note Resonator Bell set
8-note diatonic resonator bells are colour-matched to the Boomwhacker sets. Specially-designed chamb..
SUZUKI 12-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set
This second ToneChimes add-on set further extends the range of the full hand chime set and the other..
SUZUKI 7-note chromatic ToneChime add-on set
Range C3 to F#3/Gb3. To extend the bottom range of the full tone chime sets as well as the other ..
Suzuki tone chimes 12 note chromatic add on
This first add-on ToneChimes set provides upper and lower notes to complement the full tone chime..
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